Designed and produced by Bremner Music

Needing to practice at odd times and in odd places over the years (and the absence of a suitable mute) was the reason Trevor Bremner designed the sshhmute. In development over several years in his New Plymouth workshop, the sshhmute has been in full commercial production for well over 20 years and has been successfully launched to answer a market need for an effective mute for brass instruments in a price range to suit budding musicians and professionals alike.

The sshhmute is available for: Trumpet/Cornet, Piccolo Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, French Horn, Tenor Horn, Flugel Horn

Trevor and Betty Bremner

Meet the Designers

Trevor Bremner has been Australian and New Zealand Cornet Champion and also Champion of Champions of both countries on a number of occasions. He has had placings in the British Open Solo Competition.

He has completed a Post Graduate Diploma at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music specialising in Conducting and Multi Instrument Skills. He is well aware of the importance of practice at any level, and of the constraints of practice at odd times.

During his time in New Plymouth, Trevor conducted the New Plymouth City Band and taught many pupils.

While Trevor focuses on the design, development and assembly of the range of mutes, Betty ensures that the marketing and management of the business is operating smoothly.