Welcome to our first sshhmute Spotlight blog. Today we are featuring sshhmute artist - Aubrey Logan (Postmodern Jukebox // Jazz Solo Artist). 

Musicians all over the world have been affected by COVID-19. How has the pandemic affected your career as a professional musician?
"It's been hard not to be on stage with people in the room. And of course it's been financially difficult for everyone. However, my gratitude for live-music and the effect it has on people has grown leaps and bounds. I always knew I LIKED playing, but man, now more than ever I hope not to take it for granted. I did get a chance to write an entire album while NOT on the road for once! I'm sure it'll never happen again."

One of the many reasons that musicians love our sshhmutes is that it gives them the ability to practice at home. How did your sshhmute help your practice routine during the COVID-19 lockdown?
"I enjoyed the freedom I had to practice any time of day or night without worrying about waking up any neighbors!"

Since musicians weren’t able to do any physical performances during lockdown, did you manage to do any online performances or recordings while stuck at home?
"I did many online shows. In fact, now that I'm doing live in-person shows again, I'll still continue to have cameras and livestream many of those shows in the future."

Something that has been brought up recently is around how important it is for musicians to be able to practice while on lockdown to maintain good mental health. What are your thoughts on this?
"There have been times before Covid that I was so busy on the road that I never got a chance to practice alone. Obviously, that all changed. I finally had a moment to play. What was important for MY mental health was, even though we were facing adversity, to be thankful for what I COULD do during that time. So yes, I practiced alone. And it was important for me to be grateful for that opportunity."

Do you believe that using a practice mute is an essential part of a musician’s practice routine? And if yes, why?
"While I wouldn't call it essential for practicing, I WOULD call it essential for touring the world. Busses and hotel rooms don't lend themselves to practicing and warming up. And now that I'm back to that, I am reminded how essential the practice mute is!"

Now that things are starting to return to normal in the United States of America, what exciting gigs/releases do you have coming up?
"I have released an album called STANDARD which came out 21st of May. I'll. be playing around the United States and I'll be headed overseas to play this album as soon as possible. Dates are being added regularly to aubreylogan.com So excited to use my sshhmute on the road!"